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Reflecting a home’s unique personality is no easy task. However, Reno Kitchen Plus make creating inspirational interiors altogether easy.

Reno custom wall units and built-in storage systems, pair beautiful finishes with truly bespoke levels of functionality. We spare at no expense when it comes to sourcing high-quality materials and craftspeople. Because of this, we can help exemplify the very best of your unique home design tastes.

Smart living starts with smart designing. Craft custom wall units suitable for kitchens, libraries, entertaiment and even outdoor living areas, by calling Reno Kitchen Plus today for a no-obligation, free consultation.

Custom Wall Units
Custom Wall Units 14

Custom Wall Unit Design Experts

Flat pack and ready-to-assemble wall units are commonly composed of poor-quality materials. Cool wall unit designs, therefore, chip, warp and tarnish easily. By comparison, Reno Kitchen Plus offers an exclusive lifetime warranty on all our wall units and built-in storage systems.

Because our wall units are manufactured to order, we offer personalized pricing on all projects. Custom wall units created by us can also be used to complement any home area.

From stunning kitchen wall units to beautiful lounge surrounds, Reno Kitchen Plus is first in Toronto for truly innovative home living. Wall units manufactured by us add value. More importantly, every project we take on is finished to the highest possible standard.

In-House Wall Unit Manufacturing

One size fits all wall units rarely bring rooms to life. Neither can mass produced furnishings be tailored to the unique architecture of a home. Thankfully, we change this.

At Reno Kitchen Plus, we are just as passionate about interior design as you are. Because of this, we manufacture all wall units and built-in storage systems in-house. Our craftsmen hand-select the finest quality wall unit materials. We then manufacture units which are made to measure the unique layout and architecture of specific living spaces.

By manufacturing wall units and built-in storage systems in-house, no home design vision is off-limits. More importantly, finished furnishings created by us, are guaranteed to add extra livability to properties.

Tv Custom Wall Units

Reno’s Custom Wall Unit Design Process

Reinventing the look and functionality of your home, all starts with a simple phone call.

Reno Kitchen Plus offers free personalized project estimates. All you need to do is schedule a call or meeting to discuss what innovative, traditional, or ultra-modern wall unit design you have in mind. We are always happy to discuss new projects. More importantly, our years of experience allow us to identify possibilities suitable for any design vision and budget.

Once you are happy with an estimate, designers from our workshop will work with you to acquire accurate interior measurements, select the right materials for your wall units, and discuss the finer details of your design goals.

Custom Wall Unit Design Vs. Ready-to-Assemble Wall Units

Inspirational interiors aren’t achievable when using flat pack wall-units. Bespoke storage requirements can’t be catered for. Worse, ready-to-assemble furnishings often age poorly.

By comparison, custom wall unit and built-in storage designs have a much longer design lifetime. Being made to measure ensures that wall unit edges perfectly fit your home architecture. Use of high-quality materials, hinges, and finishes, also adds all-important durability.

Better durability, and more intuitive storage are just some of the benefits embodied by custom wall units. Moreover, custom built-in storage systems created by us, are proven to add all-important market value to properties.

Reno Custom Wall Unit Styles

Built In Wall Units

Built-In Wall Units

Celebrate the unique architecture of any room in your home. Invest in made to measure built-in storage areas, suitable for use as lounge surrounds, bedroom storage systems, or simply to frame a view or unique architectural element in your home.

Tv Wall Units

TV Wall Units

Frame a television as a visual focal point in a room, just like you would a piece of artwork. Alternatively, add a home cinema-like feel to any den, basement, or lounge, complete with bespoke storage areas for books, magazines, and home ornaments.


Entertainment Wall Units

Create a bespoke media wall in your home, complete with space for televisions, games consoles, and music systems. Have an entertainment wall unit made to measure any wall space. Choose also, from a wide variety of materials and finishes, designed to complement existing home decor and surrounds.


Kitchen Wall Units

Add bespoke storage to even small condominium kitchens, by including custom wall units in your next kitchen remodel. Benefit from wall unit designs which can be manufactured to fit any kitchen size and layout. Choose also, from a wide selection of materials and finishes, all of which guarantee better durability than any flat pack wall unit.


Storage Wall Units

Turn bedroom, bathroom, or lounge wall storage into a visual treat. Showcase decorative ornaments in gallery fashion, with a bespoke storage wall complete with custom size alcoves and display areas. Alternatively, add a storage wall to staircases and reception areas, to add extra personality and atmosphere to a home.

Wall Units For Family Rooms

Wall Units For Family Rooms

Declutter and add space to family rooms, by investing in a built-in wall unit over freestanding furniture. Reno Kitchen Plus can create built-in wall units which can be used as media and entertainment walls, or as gallery-like displays for ornaments and family keepsakes.

Get Free Kitchen Renovation Estimate

Don’t settle for second best when decorating or renovating. Showcase your personality and add value to your home, by investing in beautiful custom wall units and built-in storage. Call now for a free, no-obligation consultation and project estimate.

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