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Luxury Custom Kitchens & Design by Reno Kitchen Plus

From construction to function, a luxury  custom kitchen is superior in every conceivable way to an off-the-shelf kitchen design.

Established by interior designers and local kitchen architects, Reno Kitchen Plus reinvent kitchens to reflect the way you live and entertain in your home. Using innovative materials, we transform the atheistic of Toronto kitchens, to suit a limitless array of design tastes.

A custom kitchen allows you to choose your own kitchen layout, materials, textures, and color schemes. Always ahead of the contemporary design curve, we pair the materials and attention to detail you need to create a standout kitchen, with prices which can be tailored to any renovation budget.

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Custom Kitchen Design Specialists

Remodeling a Toronto kitchen is about more than choosing the right cabinets and appliances. Adding elements like kitchen islands and custom storage devices, can add head-turning style and added resale value to properties.

To unlock the real potential of your kitchen, Reno Kitchen Plus embark on a thorough discovery process. We take your design vision and use our experience to suggest what materials, layouts, and cabinetry options can help make your vision a reality.

As kitchen architects, Reno Kitchen Plus can also completely transform the layout of a kitchen. In doing so, we can maximize space in even smaller condominium kitchens.

Custom Kitchen Installation Specialists

As kitchen renovation specialists, Reno Kitchen Plus provide skilled on-site installation of every custom kitchen designed by us.

Focused on precision and attention to detail, we install new kitchen furniture, cabinetry, and counters. During installations, we cause as little disruption as possible to properties. We also go to lengths to ensure that every kitchen component is as functional, efficient and beautiful as homeowners expect before signing off installations.

Committed to quality craftsmanship, Reno Kitchen Plus also offers a comprehensive lifetime warranty on all kitchen materials, parts, and labor.

Cabinets Kitchen

In-House Custom Kitchen Cabinet Manufacturing

First for custom kitchen cabinetry in Toronto, Reno Kitchen Plus contractor manufacture cabinets used in new kitchen renovations in our very own workshop.

As soon as you settle on a sophisticated, contemporary, or traditional cabinet design scheme, our craftspeople get to work handcrafting each cabinet. This gives us total control over cabinet quality.

Custom Kitchen Design Benefits

Investing in a custom kitchen design is an easy and effective way to transform the entire aesthetic of a home.

Custom kitchens allow homeowners to select everything from unique kitchen layouts, to utterly unique kitchen cabinet materials and textures. More importantly, every design element can be expertly blended with the unique architecture and style of your home.

From a home valuation perspective, custom kitchens can also add up to $20,000 to a homes market value. Moreover, investing in a custom kitchen reduces the need to remodel as extensively in the future, and can help properties sell faster when brought to market.

Types of Kitchen Design


Traditional Kitchen

Traditional kitchen designs often feature a modern farmhouse feel. While contemporary, cabinets are made from pine, walnut, and cherry and as such, embody timeless design appeal. Counters are often also made using natural stone to add an earthy and reclaimed feel to kitchens.

Transitional Kitchen

Transitional Kitchen Designs

Transitional kitchen designs are increasingly popular in Toronto. Cabinets used in designs appear traditional but are often also decorated with bright paints and more subtle decoration. When paired with granite and quartz countertop areas, kitchens, therefore, strike a beautiful balance between traditional and contemporary.

Modern Kitchen 3

Modern Kitchens

Modern kitchens are often best described as minimalist. A popular choice in condominiums, cabinets, appliances, and counters feature clean lines and minimal decoration. Monochrome and bold colors are instead used to catch the eye. This helps kitchens appear visually larger and ultra-modern

Popular Kitchen Styles

Casual Kitchens

A casual kitchen is a kitchen which pairs modern and traditional design elements to strike the perfect balance between the two design styles. Cabinets can appear traditional. However, casual kitchens can also focus on minimalism and use of color to exemplify a kitchen’s personality. This makes casual kitchens inherently versatile and easy to update in the future.

Contemporary Kitchens

Contemporary kitchens are personified by use of ultra-modern clean edges and industrial monochrome appliances and fixtures. Cabinetry and countertops are minimalist and often use bold colors to catch the eye. Appliances and storage areas ay also be concealed to add a uniform feel to overall designs.

Traditional Kitchens

Traditional kitchens are a popular choice among historic homeowners in Toronto. Tan hardwood colors are often a perfect match for homes with hardwood floors and 20th Century architectural elements. However, with careful blending of materials and textures, traditional kitchens can be installed in more modern homes and condominiums.

Rustic Kitchens

Rustic kitchens are designed to transport homeowners back in time to traditional lodge and farmhouse kitchens, complete with knotted pine cabinets and beautiful cast iron fixtures. Ideal for older homes, rustic kitchens embody incredible personality and are always a popular talking point among home visitors.
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