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Reno Kitchen Plus are designers and builders of Toronto’s finest hand-crafted custom kitchen cabinets. Redefine the way you use your kitchen, by investing in made to measure cabinets, made using high-quality natural materials, and crafted with exquisite attention to detail.

Pairing fantastic durability with beautiful material aesthetics, we create custom kitchen cabinets suitable for any kitchen layout. You choose your materials. You choose your kitchen cabinet color scheme and level of functionality. We then manufacture cabinetry which is guaranteed to beautify your kitchen for years to come.

Custom Kitchen cabinetry
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Custom Kitchen Cabinet Design Experts

Assembly line kitchen cabinetry rarely lasts as long as hand-crafted cabinetry. Materials are sourced cheaply, and cabinets can’t be made to complement bespoke kitchen layouts.

By employing Toronto’s finest craftspeople, Reno Kitchen Plus is capable of designing custom kitchen cabinets which are manufactured in line with your unique preferences.

From smoothly textured hardwood cabinets to cherry and walnut designs, our craftspeople source only the finest and most durable kitchen cabinet materials. You choose your type of wood. You choose what level of functionality you require. Then we set to work creating cabinetry with far superior design versatility and longevity.

Kitchen Cabinetry Installation

Reno Kitchen Plus strives to provide the best and most straight forward custom kitchen cabinet installation experience in Toronto.

As well as building custom kitchen cabinets, we take pride in professionally hanging wall cabinets and installing new features like kitchen islands. During installation, we ensure that all cabinets are flush with your kitchen architecture and (where necessary) make adjustments to cater for last minute design decisions.

During every installation, we expedite installation times to keep property disruption to a minimum. We also offer all homeowners a comprehensive lifetime warranty on all parts and labor.

Kitchen Cabinetry
Kitchen Cabinets

In-House Custom Kitchen Cabinets Manufacturing

At Reno Kitchen Plus, we allow homeowners to choose from a second to none range of iconic kitchen cabinet designs. This is thanks to the fact that we manufacture all our kitchen furniture and cabinets in our own workshop. Samples can, therefore, be easily fabricated, and we have full control over the quality of every cabinet we produce.

Custom Kitchen Cabinet Design Benefits

Custom kitchen cabinetry is superior in every conceivable way to mass-produced, ready-to-assemble cabinetry.

Materials used in mass production are sourced cheaply and often of poor quality. This is why just a few years after installation, hinges start to break, wood finishes start to fade, and kitchens ultimately need remodeling.

By comparison, custom designed cabinets are designed to retain looks and levels of functionality for far longer. Use of high-quality pine, cherry, walnut, and other hardwoods, ensures that cabinets continue to look luxurious for years to come. Higher quality craftsmanship also ensures that cabinets won’t break just a few years after installation.

Types of Kitchen Cabinets

Traditional Kitchen Cab

Traditional Kitchen Cabinets

Some kitchen design styles are truly timeless. Traditional kitchen cabinets are, therefore, popular in Toronto, as rich pine and other hardwood cabinets can be used to create century-old kitchen styling effects. This helps kitchens retain design appeal almost indefinitely. However, even traditional cabinets can be modernized and easily customized.

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Transitional Kitchen Cabinet Designs

Transitional kitchen cabinets are widely regarded as the most versatile from a kitchen design perspective. Clean lines and bold colors are used alongside otherwise traditional cabinet designs. Kitchen finishes are, therefore, modern, yet also warm and inviting, thanks to several classical design undertones.

Modern Kitchens Cabinets

Modern Kitchens Cabinets

Modern kitchen cabinets pair clean lines, bold colors, and a distinctly minimalist aesthetic, to create contemporary looking kitchens with minimal decoration. Often, modern cabinet styles are used to increase the apparent size of a kitchen. Modern cabinets also focus strongly on functionality and optimization of space in smaller kitchens.

Popular Kitchen Cabinet Styles

Casual Cabinets

Casual kitchen cabinets showcase simple, functional designs, which can seem traditional, yet are suitable for both traditional and modern kitchens. Flat paneled doors are made using pained natural wood. The result is a classic look, which can be easily adapted and customized, by choosing different cabinet colors and countertop materials.

Contemporary Cabinets

Contemporary kitchen cabinets feature minimum ornamentation. Clean lines, simple colors, and exposed wood grains are used in place of actual decoration. Cabinet doors, therefore, often appear visually larger. This makes contemporary cabinets particularly perfect for installation in smaller kitchens.

Traditional Cabinets

Traditional kitchen cabinetry often embodies a modern farmhouse feel. Cabinet doors are made of hardwood which is often tan in color and inlaid with minor decoration. Raised panel doors and bead-board is commonly used to decorate cabinets. However, cabinets can be customized with a variety of different patterns and inlays.

Rustic Cabinets

Rustic kitchen cabinetry is similar to traditional cabinetry. However, the farmhouse feel of cabinets is exemplified using thicker hardwood panels which showcase imperfections like knots and deep wood grains. Handles and accessories often also have a reclaimed feeling, which adds to rustic ambiances.
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Reno Kitchen Plus can bring any kitchen design vision to fruition. To discuss your custom cabinetry options, call now for a free, no-obligation initial consultation.

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